Great Outdoor Activities for Kids

If you’re a parent, an aunt or uncle, or just a babysitter, one of the biggest challenges you may face is trying to get kids to go outside. With all the technology at their fingertips nowadays, everything a kid could want is on a screen right in front of them. To entice kids to go outside, you need something that’s really going to get them excited, and here are a few great outdoor activities that can help you achieve that.

One of the best outdoor activities you can do for children is garden with them. This may not get them excited at first, as there may be some hard work you have to push upon them in the beginning, but ultimately this is a great outdoor activity for kids. If you give a kid ownership over a plant and tell him or her that it’s their responsibility to make sure it gets watered and grows, they may surprise you and start taking that responsibility seriously. But if they do need a little extra incentive, let them know how dirty they can get working in the garden, as kids will like any excuse they have to get their hands dirty.

Another great outdoor activity for kids is bird watching. Birds can be found just about anywhere, and a lot of young kids will have at least some interest in the wildlife around them. Looking out for birds will give them a chance to combine the outdoors with all the technology at their fingertips, as they’ll be able to do research on some of the bird species they see. Once they’re interested in specific birds, perhaps they’ll want to go outside more often to go bird watching or go on walks.

If it helps get kids outside, try setting up a game in the backyard that will get their attention. Games like badminton, bocce, croquet, and others should be enough to get a kid out of the house. Most of these are relatively simple without a great deal of set up, and can be done with just a few people. There are various skills, such as teamwork or cooperation, that kids can learn from playing them, and on top of that, they’re simply fun games that can help get kids out of the house and outdoors.

Finally, anything involving water will be a great outdoor activity for kids. If you have a pool, that’s great, but it’s not the only outdoors water activity for kids. Most kids would love to run through a sprinkler or send themselves flying down a slip n’ slide. If those don’t work, then simple set them up with a few water guns and let them tire themselves out doing that for a little while. As long as they understand that water guns can only be used outside, they’ll have plenty of fun and there’ll be no harm done.

Why Exercise Will Engage your Mind and Help you feel better

We all know that exercise does a body good, and is an essential part of staying in shape and staying healthy. However, making ourselves physically fit is not the only benefit of exercise. Staying active and working out on a regular basis can also do wonders for our mind and our mental health. Here is a look at why exercise is so important when it comes to engaging your mind and making you feel better.

The biggest reason why exercise is good for the mind is that it releases dopamine, which is the chemical in our brains that plays a role in happiness. Any feelings of happiness or pleasure occur as a result of dopamine, and so dopamine being released while we exercise is our brain’s way of rewarding us for exercising and encouraging us to do it more. Research suggests that as we get older, we start to lose some of our dopamine reserves, and so the best way to replenish our supply is to exercise, and thus, exercising helps to keep our minds happy and at ease.

Exercising also plays a role in freeing us from stress. Research shows that exercising actually raises the brain’s threshold for dealing with stress, so those that those who exercise are able to handle a lot more on their plate without getting stressed out about everything than those who don’t exercise quite that often. This works because exercise itself is a type of stress, and so the body adjusts and is able to build up a tolerance to stress of any kind. Obviously, feeling less stress in your daily life is going to make your mind feel a whole lot better.

Another impact that exercise has on your mind is through the improvement it can have on your body. Whether we want to admit it or not, some of our self esteem is tied up in how we look, and exercising on a regular basis can help to improve our appearance, and in turn, give our self esteem a boost and let us start feeling better about ourselves. Even if transforming your physical appearance is a long-term project, starting to exercise on a regular basis will start to make you feel stronger and more confident about making a positive change in your life, and this boost in confidence can have a meaningful impact on your level of happiness.

Finally, if you’re mind isn’t at ease and you’re having trouble sleeping because of it, exercise may be a possible solution. Studies have shown that those with insomnia and other sleep disorders have displayed improvement in their conditions as a result of exercise. Obviously, working out will help to tire you out and make it easier to fall asleep when your head hits the pillow. However, for those who struggle to sleep because of anxiety issues, exercise can make your body more accustomed to heavy breathing and a rapid heartbeat, similar symptoms to what the body experiences during a panic attack. Thus, exercising can train your body to better handle your anxiety and help you get to sleep, and anyone that’s experienced anxiety or insomnia knows that a good night’s sleep can do wonders for your mental health.