Spending Quality Time With Your Children

Did you know that on a recent poll, only 33% parents seem satisfied with the amount of time they spend with their children? Our time with our kids contribute a huge influence in their general development so it’s important to take this as a number one priority. So despite the busy work schedules or numerous meetings, parents should still insist on spending time with their kids. What makes quality time great is that you get to teach you kid good values as well as do exciting activities together. If a child spends less time with their parents, they often receive different values that may lead to bad behaviors.

gardeningIt’s important to know that one of the jobs as a parent is to help them progress and develop into great beings until they’re able to do and decide on things themselves. You are not alone with this problem; millions of parents find it difficult to provide quality time for their kids. However, it still needs to be done for the sole reason that we all love our child/children. Here are some ways to spend quality time with kids.

  • During weekends or day-offs, try to stay away from all kinds of gadgets. You don’t have work on that day for a reason, so stop checking your phone for emails. Kids love outdoor activities, so try taking them out in the nearest park as often as possible. If there are no parks residing anywhere near you, invite them to do activities that can be done inside the house such as painting, gardening or baking. Do not force your child to do something he/she doesn’t like but instead ask them what they like to do. Who knows? They might find basketball, bicycling or soccer interesting. Find a fun activity that both you and your children can enjoy.
  • Have a tradition before they go to bed. If they’re still young, it’s best to read them a bedtime story. Nothing beats the youth’s imagination. If they’re a little old and don’t find bed time stories enjoyable anymore, make a tradition by having silly pillow fights or corny joke moments.
  • Take vacations, frequently. You might think that family vacations are pretty pricey, but it does not have to be something extravagant. Vacations can be at places like the nearest beach or a camping site.
  • Drive your kids to school. If possible, try to deliver them in school on your own. It shows that you are supporting them by escorting them to their school. Also a great time to see how they function inside the school.
  • Now that we’ve talked about school, another quality time together is to help them with their homework. Do not mistake this as finishing their homework on your own, as they have to solve the problems themselves. This will help you to get to know how your child copes with his/her education and if he/she is doing well.
  • dinnerRegular dinners. It’s understandable that many parents are growing busy these days but try as much as possible to make it to dinner. As we all know, dinner is more or like the heart of a family bonding time. Taking regular meals together as well teaching them how to cook is a great family moment both for you and your child. During dinner, you can ask them several questions regarding their day. Make this a regular thing as a whole family. If you don’t have time to spend cooking dinner, you can take them out which results to less hassle and more quality time.

Building A Relationship With Your Teenager

IMG_0116One of the scariest moments for parents is when their child/ children go through teenage years. In fact some research shows that adolescence is a time of experimentation and exploration as the person goes toward adulthood. Most parents assume that their kids feel the need to be isolated from their parents in order to discover their personalities. No wonder parents feel petrified during this stage. But this thing isn’t something to be worried about because the truth is, parents need to devote more time as their kids go through adolescence. For this is when they’ll truly need your guidance and support. So, are you looking for ways to build a better relationship with your teenage kid? We have some ways and tips for you.

Create regular conversations

You must be aware about the events happening in your teenage kid’s life. Always look out for opportunities to open discussion, ask them questions about how their day was. Try to make the conversation as engaging as possible, sooner or later they will look forward to spend this activity with you. Remember to be open-minded and interested in the conversation, the goal is to get to know your kid a little bit better. Avoid using regular conversations for discipline lessons; otherwise your kid will pass up talking to you. If you’re out of questions to ask about, try asking about their: friends, struggles, future dreams and fantasies. When talking to your teen, try to grow some sense of humour. Meaning, don’t take everything too serious. Lighten up, especially around your kids.

Spend time with you teen

Find out what your kid wants to do and try doing it with them. This may take you out of your comfort zone, but it’s a good idea to establish a good relationship with your kid. They might like fishing, hunting, camping or star gazing, so do it with them. Or you could invite them to watch a movie and laugh through it together.

Know their peers

theresa 792_peWe’ve all been teenagers, and it’s been clear to all of us that our friends place a huge influence in our lives. This is unavoidable, so all you can do is to get to know your kid’s friends as much as possible. The best way to distinguish them is to know who they are and what they like. If you want to do it the easy way, try inviting them in your house and see how they act. You may even try getting to know their friends and include them in your conversations when you talk.

Set boundaries

Last but not the least is to set boundaries in your relationship. Let them identify what they can do and cannot do in your relationship. Some kids might think that it’s okay to go beyond the limitations that may lead to your teen being disrespectful and impolite. Remember, you can be a confidante while still being the parent they have to obey and respect. Establish clear household rules for your teen to follow.

cora and katie 562The final tip is to understand that your kid has her/his own characteristics, ideas, beliefs, views and temper. Not every teen is the same, and they are certainly not like you. Keep in mind that the best way to build a great relationship with your teenage kid is to know and understand who they really are.

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